Rib eye


Preparation: 15 min.
Cooking: 4x 90 seconds + +/- 10 minutes rest
BBQ temperature zone 1: 250°C
BBQ temperature zone 2: 100 – 120ºC
Core temperature: 56°C


  • BBQ with cast iron griddle or Grill Grate
  • Butcher’s twine
  • 2 skewers
  • Core thermometer
  • Grill press
Rib eye preparation
Rib eye preparation

Step by step

Step 1: Preparations

If necessary, trim the rib eye a bit for a nice tight edge.
Insert the skewers crosswise through the side of the rib eye so the meat doesn’t curl during cooking. Tie the rib eye with a piece of butcher’s twine so that it is neatly round.

Rub the meat to taste with the Grade Goods BBQ rub.

Step 2: Grill

Grill the rib eye 90 seconds on a cast iron griddle and use the grill press to press the meat tight between the griddle. Turn the meat after 90 seconds at 90 degrees, then cook for another 90 seconds.

Turn the rib eye over and repeat the previous 2 steps every 90 seconds.
Once turned 4 times place the meat on the cold zone of your BBQ and slowly cook the meat to a core temperature of 56C.

Step 3: Serve

Thinly sliced.