Lean & Mean Smashburger


Additional requirements:

  • Baking sheet, cast iron skillet or other thick-bottomed frying pan.
  • Palette knife

Step by step

Step 1: Preparation

Season the minced meat or tartar to taste with the “Beef or Steak Rub”. This contains a hint of coffee and cardamom, which enhances the delicious beef flavor. Divide it into 6 to 8 balls of 60 – 80 grams. Put these balls back in the refrigerator for at least another 15 minutes. Slice the avocado, the red onion into wafer-thin rings, the tomato slices and the iceberg lettuce into strips. Cut the rolls and toast them with some oil or butter.

Step 2: Grilling

Get the griddle or pan well heated and make sure it is greasy so the meat will not stick later. Remove the meatballs from the refrigerator and flatten them as much as possible, about 1 cm thick. This works very well between 2 sheets of plastic wrap. Place the burgers on the hot plate or pan and press them with the palette knife against the surface. If the pan or plate is hot enough you will have a nice crust within 1 minute. Turn over and also fry the other side in 1 minute the nice crust that makes this burger so tasty. Quickly fry the tomato slices and add some salt and pepper.

Top the buns with: Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, the Burger, generous slices of avocado and Grate Goods California Hot Sauce to taste.

Step 3: Serve

Make it “over the top” with 2 burgers per bun and a good melting cheese like Cheddar or Gruyère in between. “Juicy Lucy” style they call it in Minneapolis.