German steak burger ‘Reuben style’



For 6 persons
Preparation: 30 min.
Cooking: 15 min.
BBQ temperature: 200°C
Core temperature: 57°C


  • Open barbecue or grill
  • Charcoal, briquettes or pellets
  • Firelighters


  • This burger can also be prepared ‘low & slow’, in a lockable BBQ at 110 ̊C with a block of smoking wood between the coals. The wood gives off a mild smoky flavor that goes very well with the sauerkraut.
  • If you chop fresh steak shortly before preparation, it is safe to eat it raw or pink.

Step by step

Step 1 Preparation

Ask your butcher for chopped (German) steak or chop a nice piece of tender steak meat yourself. Season with salt and pepper and make 6 burgers. Fire up the barbecue or grill to over 200 ̊C.

Step 2 Grill

Put the sauerkraut in a heatproof pan and place on the grill. Add a splash of white wine and cook for about 20 minutes until tender. Grill the burgers ‘medium rare’ to a core temperature of 57 ̊C.

Cut the buns open and grill the halves until crispy on the barbecue.

Step 3 Serve

Spread both halves of the sandwich with Mississippi Comeback BBQ Sauce. Top the sandwich with the warm sauerkraut, a steak burger and a slice of cheese.