Memphis in May

Every year, the State of Tennessee hosts the World ‘Whole Hogg Barbecue’ Championships in the third largest city, Memphis.

Teams participating in ‘Memphis in May’ invest heavily in the festival, with meat of the highest quality and thousands of dollars in entry fees. But everyone knows, if you get off to a good start at this festival, you’ll benefit for a long time in the following years. Because everyone from Memphis and surrounding areas will want to taste your barbecue dish, and that’s simply making a lot of money.

Sweet and smokey

Originally, Memphis barbecue sauces were derived from the sauces found in Kansas, with a base of tomato and sugar. But the Memphis version is a lot smokier and sweeter in flavor.

Our Memphis Style Sweet and Smokey sauce has had a very long development time. We always make our sauces with the idea that we can win a barbecue competition like the Whole Hogg Barbeque. For the perfect flavor, we’ve added nothing less than real smoke to this sauce. It also contains a tiny bit of anchovy, which doesn’t give it a fishy flavor but adds to its velvety texture.

Taste guide

This sauce is full of flavor, sweet and smoky. It goes well with a pork chop, ribs, burger and more. It’s also delicious with food that’s not from the barbecue. Or as they say in Memphis; “not too anything, good on everything”.

The Memphis Style Sweet and Smokey Barbecue Sauce is available in 265 ml and 775 ml.

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