In California, they have the special ability to turn anything that is not originally Californian into something special with just a little twist.

This is also what happened with the famous California Hot sauce. The inspiration for this sauce initially came from the spicy Sriracha sauce, which was originally developed in Thailand and later came to America by a Chinese immigrant from Vietnam.

Fruity chillies

In our own version of the California Style Hot sauce, we wanted to bring back the spice of the Sriracha but at the same time retain the delicious fruity taste of chillies.

We achieved this by incorporating no less than 30% freshly ground chillies into the sauce. You can clearly taste the combination of red and green Jalapenos, smoked Chipotle and fresh red peppers. The sauce tastes good with numerous dishes, such as chicken wings from the pan, a meatball and as a glaze for barbecue ribs. But a drop of the sauce can also complete a California sushi roll, an oyster or an avocado sandwich.

Taste guide

Straight from the package, this sauce goes well with all dishes that can use some spice! But it is also great as an ingredient in other (spicy) dishes.

California Style Hot Barbecue Sauce is available in 265 ml and 775 ml.

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