A specialty all-rounder

With its both sweet and savoury notes and a hint of curry, this rub will elevate all your pork and poultry dishes with a delicate flavor.

The perfect buddy for chicken, turkey and other poultry thanks to its excellent combination with white meat.

Add a delicious bark

A bark is the dark crust that results from the prolonged cooking of meat that has been rubbed with a dry rub.

The combination of a crispy rub and the juicy meat of pulled pork, spare ribs, bacon or pork chops is an unmistakable barbecue sensation.

Taste Guide

Our Pork & Poultry Rub tastes very good with poultry and pork. Pro tip!: Grill or smoke the meat with apple wood in combination with this rub.

The rub is available in 180 grams and 2200 grams.

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