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Ask a hundred barbecue enthusiasts what is indispensable for seasoning a steak and you will get the same answer: ‘salt and pepper’.

This is the basis of our Beef or Steak BBQ Rub. Sea salt and crushed peppers, to be more specific. But to bring out the flavor of good beef extra, we added two exceptional ingredients; a little coffee and cardamom.

A return ticket to Texas

When we introduced this rub at a European steak competition in The Hague we won a ‘golden ticket’ on the spot.

With this golden ticket we were allowed to participate in the SCA World Championship, in Forth Worth Texas. The largest international steak cookoff in the world

Taste Guide

The Beef or Steak BBQ rub is not only suitable for steak or other beef, but also for seasoning stews, lamb and game.

The rub is available in 180 grams and 2200 grams.

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