50 States full of inspiration

America has one of the richest barbecue cultures in the world. Almost every American state we have traveled in the past twenty-five years has its own barbecue traditions, cooking methods, recipes and ingredients.

Everywhere we went we were inspired by locals, restaurants and barbecue professionals. All these experiences and knowledge form the basis of our own unique barbecue products. We initially developed our products for participation in exclusive global barbecue competitions. But when we won the international ‘Whole Hogg Award’ in 2015 and became world champion BBQ, demand for our products slowly emerged outside the competition circuit.

From amateurs to professionals

Because we love to share our passion and discoveries with as many barbecue enthusiasts as possible, two years ago we started producing our own premium line of sauces, rubs and brine products for the European market. What started with a few boxes on the back seat of the car has now grown into an exclusive network of distributors and resellers in Europe.

In recent years Grate Goods has grown very quickly, but we always remain loyal to our origins and that is the development of authentic, pure, but above all honest barbecue products. We still develop and refine each new recipe with our own hands in our own barbecue kitchen.

Rene Ausema

Wim Maassen